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Adult education class in Boon, Somaliland © Welthungerhilfe
Welthungerhilfe supports women learning to read, write and perform calculations in adult education classes © Welthungerhilfe

Hunger is one of the biggest problems in the world. But it can be solved. Welthungerhilfe envisions a world in which everyone can lead a self-determined life with dignity and justice, free from hunger and poverty.

Welthungerhilfe’s strategic goal is ‘Zero Hunger wherever we work by 2030’, based on the 2nd UN Sustainable Development Goal. By working closely with local partners, we want to end hunger for good in all the countries we are active in. Our actions are intended to improve the prospects of present and future generations, helping them sustain healthy environments and fair societies.

Approaches to end hunger

We fight against global hunger and for sustainable food security. This includes promoting site-specific agricultureaccess to clean water, and environmentally friendly energy supplies while improving health, education and economic development

Variety of products at Ethiopian market stall © Welthungerhilfe
Ethiopian market stall: Welthungerhilfe aims to help people earn a living from their agricultural products © Welthungerhilfe

Striving for autonomy

Our aim is to better people’s lives long term. Therefore, we work according to the principle of ‘empowering people to help themselves’. Our programmes are designed to enable people to take control of their lives and empower them to realise their human right to food

Welthungerhilfe’s approach relies not just on specific project activities and political advocacy work, but also measurable results and accountability to partners, donors and people in project areas. 

The end of hunger is within reach for the first time in history. Like many of those involved in development cooperation, we hope that one day our work will no longer be necessary. Help us achieve this vision and get involved in the fight for a world without hunger.