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Welthungerhilfe in Horn of Africa

Hygiene training course in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia © Wiards/Welthungerhilfe
Welthungerhilfe conducts hygiene training course for children in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia © Wiards/Welthungerhilfe

Welthungerhilfe (registered as German Agro Action) has been working in Ethiopia since 1972 and in Somaliland since 2001. Our overarching goal is to achieve sustainable food, nutrition and water security. To date, there have been 252 projects implemented in cooperation with  governments, national and international CSO’s  and the target community. Welthungerhilfe’s country office for Ethiopia is located in Addis Ababa and hosts 41 staff members. The country office for Somaliland is located in Hargessa and Boroma with 53 staff members. There are a further 5 field offices in Jimma, Yabelow, Tulubolo, Debre Markos and Afar.

Ending hunger in the Horn of Africa

Welthungerhilfe in the Horn of Africa contributes to the eradication of hunger promoting content -specific farming techniques and natural resource management. We work to improve production and productivity to increase the diversity and amount of food available to our target populations. We also focus on sharing knowledge on nutrition for children and mothers. Our holistic approach to health includes working to increase access to safe  water, hygiene and sanitation for people in Ethiopia and Somaliland.

Emergency aid during drought in Borana, Ethiopia

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Another aim is to diversify income generation opportunities for smallholder farmers, youth and women. Therefore, Welthungerhilfe Horn of Africa does also engage in social business and economic development programmes to create competitive and sustainable job opportunities for the people we work with. These development activities framed by humanitarian assistance to react on  crisis to strengthen the resilience of the people and their communities.