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In southern Ethiopia, near the border with Kenya, people are faced with an unending series of threats: droughts, locusts, resource conflicts, and now COVID-19 as well. These have also had a major impact on animals, leaving many people in this livestock-dependent region reliant on humanitarian aid. This project focusses on hygiene measures and COVID-19 prevention, for example by installing handwashing facilities, distributing soap, and informing people about how the virus is transmitted. The poorest families also receive cash and seeds.

Jun 2020

First Introduction

Mar 2021

End of Project

€ 0

Project Budget 2022

€ 150,000

Total Project Budget

  • Humanitarian Assistance

  • Agriculture & Environment

  • Nutrition

  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

  • Economic Development

  • Civil Society & Empowerment

Partner on site

  • CIFA

Financing partner


    Welthungerhilfe Horn of Africa

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